cis female she/her

22 year old GRADUATE from the University of Iowa.

I like a lot of stuff, okay? Just stay a while you'll probably figure it out.


oh and i also dreamed that a friend got shot by her ex boyfriend’s family and was trying to play it off like, ‘oh it’s nothing just got shot in the shoulder. but could you be a friend and take me to the hospital?’ and i was freaking the fuck out it was fairly realistic for a while

petition for my roommate to wake up so we can watch korra

i dreamt that i woke up and got spoiled on korra by tumblr but i know i actually did see some stuff but now i can’t remember which is real and which was dreams so shout out to dreams









i woke up at 3 in the morning to write this pun down so i wouldnt forget


"When did you decide to be gay?"

Last week. I woke up and I was like I want to be judged and not accepted by most of society and denied basic human rights. I thought it would be fun to not be allowed to get married and to be called rude names when I’m with the person I love. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?




i dont get offended at white people jokes even though im white because: 

  1. i can recognize white people as a whole have systemically oppressed POC in america, which is where i live 
  2. most people when they make white people jokes only mean the shitty white people and i am not a shitty white person 
  3. im not a pissbaby

my white friends that have reblogged this give me life

4. Sometimes I am a shitty white person and the jokes remind me to FUCKIN STOP

Me: *heals self*

Enemy: *heals self*

Me: Whoa. Whoa.

Me: What do you think you're doing?

Me: I just took off half your health bar, and then you go and do that?

Me: Yeah, I KNOW I just healed myself.



Me: It's different when I do it.